Real-time business wide reporting.
Get the right answers.

Live performance data.

INSIGHT provides a centralised reporting mechanism that allows you to consolidate outbound sales, marketing and field rep activity into one simple dashboard, with the ability to quickly drill down to problem areas and make a real difference.

All-in-one API.

INSIGHT collects all the SIGHT family data, but also offers interfaces to your other systems such as transactional sales tools (DMS), sell in tools (Manufacturer internal system) or any other 3rd party data sets that add value to the sales process.

Key Benefits:

Consistent reporting – all your data in one place in one format – ready to act upon.
Targeted to the user from the Dealer rep up to Manufacturer.
Simple to add new datasets with our extensible architecture.
Built to drive action, not just analysis.
Clients using INSIGHT


Fluid User Interface.

SIGHT Suite is built using our own in-house framework, ensuring a smooth experience. With a responsive layout, INSIGHT can be used on any sized device such as a phone, tablet or computer.

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