Intelligent sales management whilst moving.
Make the right calls.

Take control of your own outbound activity.

CLEARSIGHT is the first Call centre tool built specifically to suit the automotive domain. It works at National, Regional, Dealer Group and Dealer levels providing the tools needed to deliver the highest quality contact your brand deserves.

A solution that allows you to do what you do best.

CLEARSIGHT delivers a simple, intuitive, workflow to any member of a sales team making outbound calls. This allows for a quicker and more efficient sales process, making it simple to add products, change prices and add leads.

Key Benefits:

Seamlessly integrate the activity, the data flow and the sales process.
Simple to add products, change prices and add leads.
Drive rep activity directly from the Telesales team.
Clients using CLEARSIGHT


Easy to use.

After analysing other sales and CRM tools on the market, we decided to create and all-in-one platform specific to our industry, with efficiency as our main focus - leaving you free to engage with your customer.

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